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Spectrum Authority 

Republic Centre of Telecommunication 

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29, Tbilisian Highway, Yerevan,
3750941 Republic of Armenia
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Spectrum Policy and Planning


It is responsible for the management of spectrum including licensing, distribution, monitoring and allocation of frequency table. The responsibilities are divided among Frequency management department, enforcement department and licensing department. Republic centre of Telecommunication reports to ministry of transport and communication. In addition, licenses fees are collected by ministry of transport and communication. There has been spectrum re-development in Armenia.


It uses following regulatory texts to govern its national spectrum management processes.
Article 13, Law of Armenian Republic “On Telecommunications”(17 February 2002; N614 (20 November 1999) Decree of Armenian Government .It uses National Declaration of Compliance to ensure radio communication equipment compliance with the technical requirement.

Radio Frequency Register

There is radio frequency allocation table from 960-3000MHz. The total number of frequency assignment is 1342 and total number of license issued is 673.The upper limit of the mobile monitoring station is 1000MHz and upper frequency limit of mobile direction finding stations is 1000MHz. The upper frequency of the transportable monitoring station 600 MHz and upper frequency of the transportable direction finding station is 2600 MHz. It uses Frequency, receiver’s power, out-of-band emission, harmonics as a technical parameter to inspect radio system 128 Television and radio companies are partially exempted. The administration of state of emergency is fully exempted. Others have to pay the license fee. 

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