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Senegal flagMarket Success expert support submission of Senegal type approval, homologation, and certifications for telecommunications equipment, radio and wireless devices and information technology equipment (ITE) in Senegal and most African countries.

General information

Spectrum Authority
Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications

Postal Address:

ART Sénégal
Adresse : Route des Almadies
Angle Djoulikaye
14130 Dakar
International Telephone : register to unlock
Fax : register to unlock
E-mail: register to unlock
Website:register to unlock

Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

The authority is responsible for the spectrum management and collection of spectrum fees

For information on different regulation set by ART for wireless communication and radio apparatus please visit:

Radio Frequency Register
The radio frequency plan of Senegal was developed by ITU in 1984
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Relevant Documentation

Online Documentation (French only) (French only)

Country Map