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Sudan flagMarket Success expert support submission of Sudan type approval, homologation, and certifications for telecommunications equipment, radio and wireless devices and information technology equipment (ITE) in Sudan and most African countries.

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Spectrum Authority
National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC)

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Khartoum; Sudan
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PO Box 2869
Khartoum, 11111
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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction

NTC is responsible for the management of spectrum.

The authority uses the telecommunication corporation act 2000 for the management of frequency.
For more information please visit:,%202004.pdf

Radio Frequency Register
All the radio frequency should be registered and licensed. With regard to the law, license is not
transferable and the user can not lease the license to others. Registered user is responsible for
the payment of the license fee. The director general holds the rights to cancel the license.
Diplomatic missions such as United Nations Agencies and organizations are exempted from
the payment of license fee.
The license is distributed through free market competition.
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For information on licensing please visit:

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