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Spectrum Authority
Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones (SIGET).

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Kilómetro 10.5, carretera a Nueva San Salvador, Centro Financiero SISA, Edificio 4,
Primera Planta, Local No. 9
San Salvador; El Salvador
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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction 

SIGET is responsible for monitoring spectrum and detecting the illegal use of spectrum.
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SIGET uses the law in Articles 78-82 of the 1997 for the management of spectrum.
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Radio Frequency Register
Spectrum is divided into three categories. Official use, free use and commercial use. Some
frequencies are saved for government/official use; small portion of spectrum are assigned to public
for free use, however these free uses should also be authorized from SIGET. Other commercial users
have to pay annual fee.
For information on band width allocation please visit:
study_groups/SGP_2002-2006/JGRES09/ELSALVADOR.doc (Spanish only)
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