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Spectrum Policy and Planning


Frequancy Allocation Board (FAB) takes over the following functions erstwhile performed by Pakistan Wireless Board (PWB):
• To assign frequencies in Pakistan and in areas controlled by authorities in Pakistan.
• To coordinate assignment of frequencies with other boards when the frequencies are required for channels working to places outside Pakistan or where interference tochannels operated by other authorities is likely to occur.
• To take such action as is consider necessary to ensure the correct observation of the provisions of the international radio communication regulations with particular reference to tolerances, bandwidth of emissions.
• To advise government on any proposal to establish new wireless services and their operation
• To maintain liaison with other boards and committees for the purpose of maintaining as complete record as possible of frequency assignments throughout the world.
• To coordinate the defense department and civil wireless system and advise on all matters of common interest with particular regard to the networks as they may affect one another.
• To prepare and keep constantly under review plans for the utilization of the defense department and civil wireless system in the disposal of urgent traffic during an emergency or breakdown of any line of telecommunication system.
• To control the sitting of all new fixed wireless stations in Pakistan.
• To scrutinize all applications for wireless transmitting licenses and advise the director general of posts and telegraphs thereon.


For information on breakdown of Pakistan’s relevant legislation please visit:

Radio Frequency Register

Pakistan Table of Frequency Allocations is the broadest level technical document showing
the allocation policy of bands to various types of services. This Table is intended to:
• provide a basis for management of the radiofrequency spectrum in Pakistan;
• inform radio-communication users about the various types of services that can be
operated in each frequency band;
• reflect Pakistan's obligations as a member of the ITU and provide details of
international frequency allocations agreed by the ITU for the three world Regions.
For information on frequency allocation please visit:

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