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National Communications Authority
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Communications Authority of Hungary
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Spectrum Policy and Planning


NCA is responsible for the operation of radio spectrum (frequency planning, assignment,frequency coordination with neighboring countries, preparation of long-term policy (national frequency allocation table, reframing plans, introduction of new radio services), licensing andmonitoring the radio spectrum, whereas Ministry of Information and Communication is responsible for long tern spectrum policy and strategy. For more information please visit:

It uses act communications 2001 , Government Decree on the organisation of theCommunications Authority of Hungary 2001 for the management of spectrum.
It uses following legal text for the establishment of spectrum fees:
Act XL of 2001 on Communications (2001)
Decree No 6/1997 (IV.22.) of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Water Management on Frequency Reservation and Usage Fees (2001).
For information on Hungarian regional spectrum legislation please visit:

Radio Frequency Register
For the information on frequency band allocation form 9 KHz to 400 GHz please visit:
For information on the frequency register of Hungary please visit:


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