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Spectrum Authority
Post and Telecom Administration

Postal Address:
Post and Telecom Administration Sudurlandsbraut 4
150 ; Reykjavik
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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction

The authority is responsible for planning, monitoring and licensing of the spectrum.

The legal framework for electronic communications and postal services is influenced by Directives of the European Union. Having signed the Agreement on the European Economic Area, Iceland has made a commitment to adopt all of the Directives of EU in the fields of electronic communications and postal services.

Radio Frequency Register
All the radio frequency should be registered. Some frequencies are assigned for service only for example, Maritime and aeronautical communications, Radioamateur communications, CBradio, Low Power Devices (Short Range Devices), Wireless telephones).
The National Table of Frequency Allocation for the range 9 kHz to 400 GHz can be found in
following link:

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