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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction 

Public Utilities Commission is responsible for regulation of spectrum, whereas Electronic communication office is responsible for the proper management and distribution of spectrum.
There has been spectrum re-development in the country.

It uses following law for the management of spectrum.
• Law on Telecommunications adopted 1 November 2001;
• Law on the Constitution of the International Telecommunication Union, Convention ofthe International Telecommunication Union and Optional Protocol on the CompulsorySettlement of Disputes Relating to the Constitution of the InternationalTelecommunication Union, to the Convention of the International TelecommunicationUnion and to the Administrative Regulations and Other Legal Instruments adopted 21 March 2001;
• Law on Radio and Television adopted 24 August 1995;
• Latvian Admistrative Offence Code (Articles 146-147 and 235);
• Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 348 dated 7 October 1997 Regulations On TheLicensing Of Several Types Of Commercial Activities;
• Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 171 dated 30 April 2002 Radio Equipment Conformity Assesment Regulations entering into force .1 January 2003;
• Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 188 dated 30 May 2000 Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations;
• Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 187 dated 30 May 2000 Equipment ElectricalSafety Regulations;

• Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 283 dated 22 August 2000 TelecommunicationTerminal Equipment Conformity Assesment Regulations;
• Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 395 dated 2 December 1997 Special RegulationsOn The Construction Of Telecommunication Networks And Equipment;
• Other legal instruments, e.g Standards Law, Law on Public Services Regulators, etc
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Radio Frequency Register
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