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Spectrum Authority
Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies

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Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies
15 km pr. Peremogy, 03179 Kyiv, Ukraine
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Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

The Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies is an authorized radio frequency agency. Itacts as a State Telecommunications Inspection of Ukraine (STI) and belongs to the governing scope of Communications Administration of Ukraine.

Powers of the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies on “Radio Frequency Resource of
Ukraine” are mention in the article 7 of the law of Ukraine. It utilizes this law to assign the radio spectrum, to give permission for the use of radio spectrum and to monitor the use of radio spectrum.
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Radio Frequency Register
Representatives of the National Commission on Communication Regulation (NCCR) said that
RLANs will be authorized to use the 5.150-5.250 GHz band under a class license, and that 2.4
GHz is expected to become available for license-free use by 2010. Only 0.5% of frequencies are
available for non government use; however government wants to increase this to at least 70%
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