PSA works with Nutonomy for its autonomous cars

NuTonomy, an American start-up specializing in stand-alone car software, has partnered with the PSA group to integrate its technologies - alongside other sensors and computer systems - into the 3008 Lion's latest SUV. First tests to run an autonomous 3008 will take place in Singapore next September. They could be extended to other important cities afterwards.



Created by two former MIT researchers, NuTonomy has been conducting driver tests for more than a year in vehicles without drivers, for example since last April in Singapore with Renault Zoé and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The young company is far from being alone in this niche and must face, for example, Waymo, an entity of Google's parent company, Alphabet, which has also begun integrating its autonomous driving technologies into Fiat Chrysler vehicles 'last year. Or to Uber and Daimler, not to mention BMW allied for the occasion with Intel-MobileEye, as well as Volkswagen and Nissan.

Semi-autonomous driving for 2020

In France, the PSA group has also embarked on full-scale tests of autonomous vehicles since July 2015, which have been extended since March 2017 to "non-expert" drivers, accompanied by demonstrators. The limited delegation of driving to the vehicle (level 3) is planned by PSA for 2020 for some of its models and a few years later for total delegation of driving (level 4).


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