Qnap offers a sequel to collect data IoT

Qnap continues to develop its IoT offering with the launch of its QIoT Suite Lite. Currently available in beta, this range of tools allows users to deploy private clouds on the NAS of the Taiwanese manufacturer designed to manage connected objects. It consists of three distinct bricks, the first of which is Devices Gateway for connecting objects. Supporting different protocols (notably MQTT / MQTTS, HTTP / HTTPS and CoAP), it allows to collect telemetric data from various connected objects and sensors. Next is Rules Engine, a rule engine based on the Node-Red flow management solution. It automates the processing of data and sets up workflows via a blueprint interface. Finally, Dashboard is a solution dedicated to the supervision and control of the IoT environment. Note that QIoT Suite Lite is also compatible with BI tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau Software.


Arduino and Rasperry Pi supportedOpen solution, QIoT Suite Lite supports development environments linked to Arduino Yun, Rasperry Pi or Intel Edison platforms. QIoT Suite Lite, which is dedicated to private clouds hosted on Qnap NAS, is also compatible with public cloud solutions to allow for the transfer of some storage or processes to environments that provide more power and flexibility. The suite is already available on the QTS application store (the Qnap NAS OS). A minimum configuration (4 GB of RAM and QTS 4.2.2) is required to run the suite.

QIoT Suite Lite is not Qnap's first foray into the world of IoT. For a few months already, the manufacturer seems to have made this sector one of its priorities. Last year, it had already launched Thunderbolt NAS IoT, and its solution QIoT Containers Station, a kind of first-generation QIoT Suite Lite that allows the management of several containerized services (such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, Maria DB or Note- Red). Synology, a counterpart and rival of Qnap in the NAS market, seems to be less interested in IoT.


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