PCs soon banned from flights to Europe

The prohibition of laptops on flights from the Middle East to the United States could be extended to Europe according to information published by Reuters. The Transportation Security Administration (part of the Department of Homeland Security) is expected to make an announcement in the coming weeks. According to security experts, this prohibition - which is particularly disadvantageous for all travelers - is designed to limit the risks associated with the concealment of explosives and the heating of lithium batteries which could catch fire in passenger cabins.


Some software have been specially designed to trigger overheating of these batteries. Appliances wider than a smartphone - PCs, tablets, reading lights and DVD players - must be carried in checked luggage. More secure than the cabin of the aircraft, the latter is equipped with smoke detectors coupled with sprinklers able to extinguish any start of fire. The ban on PCs and other tablets is part of counter-terrorism measures, following threats made by US intelligence agencies.

Beyond the protection against terrorism (which, incidentally, is fewer deaths each year in the US than criminal acts between Americans!), It will now be much easier to copy data from computers without the knowledge of the owners.


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