Apple's revenues rise in Q2 despite lower sales of iPhone

After achieving record results in the first quarter ($ 74.8 billion in sales), Apple reported lower figures for the second quarter of its fiscal year 2017. The firm saw its invoices amount to 52.9 Md $ for $ 11 billion of profit. In its defense, over the period ending April 1, it has not launched a new iPhone, except for a slight update of its SE model and the arrival of the special edition Red.


Next, we must also remember that Apple is accustomed to achieve second quarters less spectacular than the first. In addition, the quarter that the manufacturer has just closed is better than the second quarter of 2016. During this last period, the manufacturer had made $ 50.6 billion in figures. According to its CEO, Tim Cook, Apple has benefited this year "from an ever-strong demand for the iPhone 7 Plus" and the "strong dynamism of its services business" that broke a record sales. And if the record of profitability was not beaten between January and April 1, Apple can still boast that it still surpassed analysts' expectations.

IPad sales down 13%

However, Apple does not have reason to rejoice. In the European and Chinese markets, sales were down compared to last year. However, this decrease is offset by the results of the Americas, Japan and Apac regions. In addition, Apple sold fewer iPhones in the second quarter of 2017 than in 2016. However, as consumers turned to more upscale models, turnover from the sale of smartphones rose from 32 , $ 86 billion last year to $ 33.25 billion this year. On the other hand, the iPad saw their sales decline in value (-13%) and volume.

To find increases in volume in Apple's quarterly balance sheet, one must in particular turn to sales of Mac. According to the manufacturer, they increased by 4% in volume, reaching 4.2 million units. Shipments of other products (including Apple Watch) were up 31%. Services, on the other hand, become a significant part of the brand's revenues. They represented $ 7 billion of sales in the second quarter, compared with $ 6 billion last year..




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